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Yoga Therapy

Trauma Sensitive Yoga is intentionally developed to include postures that create a sense of safety in the body while encouraging gradual increased tolerance of body connection. Yoga Therapy is a slower pace and focuses on self-inquiry rather than alignment. We refrain from using postures that may be triggering.
Incorporating yoga into my life many years ago has helped me to be healthier mind, body, and spirit.  As my focus grew into working with people affected by trauma, I learned about the power of yoga and therapy combined for processing trauma.

Mandy Jordan
Lotus Rising Yoga XSM.png

Guided by qualified yoga therapists or yoga teachers, trauma-sensitive yoga, is an effective adjunctive treatment for individuals with a history of trauma (e.g., van der Kolk, et al., 2014). Trauma deeply impacts the body, essentially, changing the way our nervous system responds to fear, activation, and sensation.  Using breath, movement, and self-inquiry, we are able to move the “old” energy out and make way for fresh energy to flow.
In 2014, I teamed with Angel Brownlee to create Lotus Rising Yoga Therapy .Lotus Rising combines trauma-sensitive yoga with group therapy and serves to provide a safe place to process trauma, transform, and create connection.

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