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What to Expect

I respect your desire for privacy and confidentiality as well as superior treatment. My office provides an environment that is safe and comfortable.

When you are ready to schedule your first appointment, you will need to fill out the Intake Packet, so I can better understand you and your needs. Please call my office at 817.916.8200 to schedule your appointment and bring the completed packet with you to that first visit.

Our first conversation will be about you, your concerns and needs. I will summarize the findings and further discuss with you the most appropriate next steps.

Mandy Jordan

Where We Begin 

Initial appointment

o   75 minutes
o   Bring intake packet and forms
o   Discuss intake forms
o   Gather background information
o   Discuss presenting problems and goals
o   Explain how trauma impacts brain functioning
o   Explain EMDR and how it helps treat trauma


2nd Appointment

o   45 minutes
o   Review presenting problem and goals
o   Together we create a treatment plan
o   Learn tools to prepare you to process the 
trauma/issue more effectively


3rd Appointment

o   45 minutes
o   Initiate treatment plan

Additional appointments based on a treatment plan 

o   45 minutes, unless otherwise discussed; extended sessions are available

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